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Riftland MC Server (Offline-Mode)!

Riftland MC Server (Offline-Mode)!
Excerpt from the Server Manual: Riftland is a server primarily aimed at non-premium members of the Minecraft Community. Premium members can connect to the server too and are welcome, but this will give you no advantage as everyone can choose from a selection of skins thanks to custom content. What does Riftland have to offer? A growing, friendly community with RP-themed content such as the ability to join a town, level up an arsenal of player skills, get filthy rich by becoming a merchant, or craft a musket or any other custom weapon to complete a hit contract that a mercenary faction has ordered you to undertake.. The possibilities are endless, and can only be experienced by playing and getting a first hand account into how fun the server actually is. In many aspects, this server is unique and descends from a line of very successful projects. You will need to register and download a custom client on the website at:

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