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OSTechGA SMP 1.6

OSTechGA SMP 1.6
Survival Multi Player Sever. Small Community. Economy and Anti Grief Plugins. Strict Anti-Griefing Policy.

Website: OSTechGA SMP 1.6

OSTechGA SMP 1.6 Information:
Minecraft Survival Multi-Player (SMP) Server based out of Carrollton, Georgia which is just west of Atlanta, GA. This server will have excellent ping for anyone in Metro-Atlanta, Georgia and the eastern coast of the USA. The server has players from all over the world and is always looking to the future hoping to improve server performance.
There is a strict no grief policy and we have plugins installed that allow any illicit block breaks (griefs) to be rolled back. We have anti-cheating plugins and well trained Mods. Cheaters will not last long as we are committed to providing a safe and fair environment.
The notion behind this server is to provide an essential minecraft experience with minimal moderation. We do however have economy and other features that enhance the game without destroying our vision. We hope that you will enjoy. Join in today and "Survive... or die".

OSTechGA SMP 1.6 Screenshots:
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